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Writing a Windows Gadget is hard!

Windows Gadgets suck ... Microsoft has recently discontinued support for Windows Gadgets - in favour of Apps. So any Gadgets fans/freaks out there who might enjoy the challenge of writing a gadget ... like myself ... are out in the cold when it comes to sharing gadgets, or hoping for support on some Sidebar issues ... Well, it's not like they dismantled Windows Sidebar in Windows 7 ... but it looks like there is no gadget support in Windows 8 ... which kind of sucks because gadgets filled the instinctive need of many computer users to clutter up their desktop with cool techno-looking bars and charts and dials and switches etc... So, Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, decided to integrate most of the popular gadget functionality into the actual OS, instead of these little unrelated boxes floating around causing havoc with system resources... Well, disregarding everything I just wrote ... I decided to write my own gadget - it's still a work in progress, so don't la

Building web apps with Python

Well, as much as coding sucks, I love it -so much in fact, that I spend an inordinate amount of time doing crazy things using the incorrect tools for the job at hand - just for the kick of getting it to work! Well, recently, I have been prone to the urge to use different languages to augment my website - for those of you who don't know, I am a software developer, who does web development in his spare time... Actually, my new job involves copious amounts of web development - but that is another story. Well, my current occupation allows me to do web development, and throw in "hardcore" programming languages into the mix - just for fun. So, one day I decided that our company intranet needed a way of sharing files - not a Samba share (Shared folder on Windows), not an FTP server - because FTP causes too much back and forth network traffic.... and certainly not using anything "standard" like PHP or JavaScript! No, I opted to use Python... So, I set up Apache,

Coding Sucks ... I Love It!

Well, I have been coding since 2002 ... not too long, yes, but in that time empires have risen and fallen, billions of lines of code have been written, and I have learned one thing: Coding Sucks ... I Love It! Seriously, I can't get enough of it... I have written projects in Java, Python, C, C++, PASCAL, assembly (win32) ... most recently JavaScript ... each language (or scripting language) has it's dizzying highs and abysmal lows, but one thing is consistent: They all suck Yes, that is a cruel statement, but let's face it - all languages suck in one way or the other, templates in C++, no-classes in C, the ease with which Python allows you to destroy your project ... the inane simplicity of PASCAL (and lack of true graphics support + hardware accel.) ... There are pitfalls to any language - and yet I have coded in many of them, for one simple reason.... The feeling of triumph when I accomplish a milestone... Or better yet - that feeling of relief when I complete