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Python Game Development is hard....

I've recently been able to wrestle time away from frantically busy days to pick up Game Development again - it's not the Console game development that's been ongoing for a few years now, no - it's just a simple prototype using PyGame. PyGame is quite a feature rich and mature library, allowing Pythonistas to enter into the world of graphical game development using SDL and OpenGL if they so choose. Using PyGame is incredibly easy, and it takes only a few minutes to get a basic prototype up and running. Performance suffers if one does not read the docs and cache whatever is needed, as memory allocation remains fairly slow on most computers - especially if it's something we end up doing once per frame. I see a need for better instrumentation that could be filled so that we don't have to resort to palour tricks in order to get frame-rate information from the game, as the very act of displaying that information uses up processing power. In my mind, there would be som