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So, after writing my several thousand lines of Python....

After I have written and DEMO'd the code... I finally finished writing the several thousand lines of Python code, interspersed with HTML and CSS .. and provided my bosses with a very nice DEMO of what the app does... needless to say, the app was running on our intranet - off my machine, which was partially converted into a Server Node on out intranet... The bosses loved the app, they loved it so much, in fact, that they wanted it "out there" for the world to use! Writing a web app in PHP is hard... So, after writing all that awesome code in Python, it was time to start hunting for a new web provider which allowed Python 3 code ... none were forthcoming, and my bosses didn't like the idea of moving our website to a different provider ... so it was back to the drawing board ... to rewrite the entire thing in PHP ... Well, PHP is not that hard ... when you know it... In the defense of PHP, it's not really a hard language to master ... sure, there are a l