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So, python web apps are not that hard after all

So, I was saying earlier that writing web apps with Python is hard ... I was sorely mistaken... Obviously, I am not using any frameworks to facilitate my project - which is a huge mistake, but a learning exercise for me (I'm  fairly new to python). When not using a framework, you are exposed to the internals of how CGI and Python all meld together, as well as how to use the FieldStorage object to respond to Ajax requests. It's only hard if you do it the "wrong" way Writing a web app with Python 3 is only hard if you do it the wrong way. I come from a background of coding C++ code using the most bleeding edge coding techniques - OOP, TDD, Templates, Multiple inheritance, Polymorphism, insert bleeding edge coding technique here, etc. Now, this is all good and well when using a language like C++ where you only face the OS endpoints (Windows API, stdlib etc) at certain points in your code. But these techniques do not work too well when using a high level sc