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Writing a home-monitoring system using python + internet...

Hmmm, what's that, you say? A Python home monitoring system? Why would anyone want to subject themselves to that kind of abuse? Well, I , for one, amd lazy ... it shows in my work, it shows in my lifestyle, it shows in my weight .. and it shows in the way I write code. I'm the guy that will spend 2 days writing an app (which is available for purchase on the Google App Store) because I'm too lazy to get up and get myself a credit card ... because I'm too lazy to get up and scratch in the drawer for my old credit card so I can purchase stuff from Google Play ... Before you go ranting that I expend time and effort to write an app which costs $3 ... you must remember that I am a programmer .. code it like water to me - extremely bitter, and mostly salty water, but water nonetheless ... I eat code, I think code, I dream code and I can churn out code if I want to because it has become second nature to me. So it's simpler for me to just write it myself than it is to

On working with Python and Javascript .. and HTML and Ajax and SQLite

I have recently been creating a production management system. The system is not that complex, but it is taking an inordinate of time to write ... even though I am using rapid-prototyping languages - Python, SQLite3, HTML4/5, Javascript coupled with liberal Ajax sprinkles ... I simply don't understand - but I will try to get to the root cause. So far, I have constructed the tables and written a database backend wrapper - for the SQLITE3 DB which I manipulate on the server side using python cgi. I have created the concept of "sessions", but not in the MOD_PYTHON way, no, in the more traditional - hacky, store-it-in-the-window_name way ... By allowing the user to send an Ajaxlogin request, which generates a session token on the server side, which is then "kept" or "remembered" on the client side by storing the token in the window name browser object variable... It's probably the most rubbish way I can do it, but it works - survives page reloads